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REDGUM Signature Series 5AWG ‘Expressive-Line’ Speaker Cable

To drill down into the core of your music, you need the amp with core strength. BUT is all that core strength being passed on to the speakers?

The Core Promise of any Signature Series version of a REDGUM product is “More of the same” plus a big dash of “And then some!”. This translates into a truly chunky 5AWG for our Signature Series ‘Expressive Line’ cable, with its 16 square millimetres of Australian copper, per core!

More-than-just-a promise is held within each core, with a further reduction by one-third of its electrical resistance, down to a very low 1.2mΩ/m. Put another way in Tech-speak, this chunky twin-core cable is 342g/m of (511 x 0.2 x 2). Definitely a Hi-Damping Factor cable!

Mined, milled & made in Australia, let it be the making of your speakers!


Single Core Specifications: 
(% relative to single core of 7AWG RGAEL ‘Expressive Line’ speaker cable)

  • Cross-sectional area (metal): 16mm²
  • Wire Gauge: 5AWG
  • Strand Diameter: 0.2mm
  • Strand Number: 511 ( +59%)
  • Nominal Outer Diameter: 7.3mm (inc 1mm insulation)
  • Mass: 171g/m ( +50%)
  • Electrical Resistance: 1.2mΩ/m ( -30%)
  • Capacitance: 26pF/m ( -68%)
  • Current rating: 92 amp ( +33%)


Jacket: subtle dark “wood”-toned braid

Banana Plug Connectors:

  • right-angled (allowing weight of cable to hang vertically)
  • 24k gold-plated (to maximise signal transfer)
  • sawtooth state spring (for increased contact pressure)
  • double-screw locking


  • Standard lengths – pairs of 2.5m*/AUD1150 or 3m*/AUD1300 (Other lengths to order*, as paired or uneven lengths)
  • mirror-image offset lengths of cores (for safe insertion into Output & Input terminals; either or both ends, as preferred)
  • colours of exposed cores at the cable ends – mid-blue & black

Especially if you draw your music from a digital world, copper cable of this quality leads to a new way of understanding the term ‘data mining’!

  • Mined, milled & made in Australia. So your speakers can dig deeper… and really drill down into the music!

For orders other than 2.5m length pair (AUD1150 inc GST), contact us as there is much to check with options of lengths, plugs, & offsets!

Dimensions N/A

2 kg


40 × 31 × 5 cm

Wire Gauge - Single Core


Electrical Resistance




Current Rating

92 amp


2.5m pair, 3m pair


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