REDGUM Aquilina (Integrated)

An “Eagle’s Beak” is aimed decisively, knowing exactly what it wishes to expose. Transpose that ability to a conglomeration of electronic components bearing the same name, the “AQUILINA”, and it is not an excessive expectation that such an amp should cut to the core, to reveal what lies at the heart of the music.

Even when it entered the gene pool last century as the REDGUM RGi60, that 60W/ch amplifier showed its killer instinct by cutting through the competition for the Best Buy awards. And when the wider world wanted more of its “more”, a power transfusion morphed it into the Signature Series RGi60ENR (75W/ch). Since 2004, these Signature Series transfusions have accumulated and compounded. Now, as the Australian-made Amplifolia range and the Black Series are brought into line, the AQUILINA amplifier pays due respect to its history at the same time as it proudly announces it is fully-fledged at 120W/ch.

This is the Amplifolia amplifier for those needing to regain their musical sanity. Picture the family that was been swayed over the years by the ebb and flow of the winds of AV. Dad’s beloved Stereo set-up was washed aside for a Home Theatre for the family. Big ideas needed big TVs. And what music remained got lost being squeezed through 2 earbuds.

Time to reassert “where this family’s benchmark should be!”. With one grasp, the AQUILINA is a sure-footed step back into the Audio game, with a grip on the music tight enough to satisfy for a whole lifetime. It will inspire at every opportunity to give real meaning to all the Audio buzz words, like resolution, control, fast, detailed, soundstage, extension, slam, body, precision, clarity … all without even needing to get to the point of saying that you would swear the performer was here in the room, playing live!

With the AQUILINA, your attentiveness to the performance can be hawk-like where only one instrument is its prey, or, fearless in the face of any music thrown at it, you can lay on its back to ride a thermal, drifting where it will. How you soar through this spectrum is your choice, made in each moment. A sanity that only clarity delivers.

Once heard on a REDGUM, such expectations cannot be unheard!

  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • REDGUM’s unique Dual Mono remote control is fitted as standard unless you prefer a manual version.
  • All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.

10 kg


50 × 44 × 20 cm


120Wpc (8Ω)


265W Short Term RMS (8Ω)


8 Ω

Product Dimensions

H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in




7 years


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