REDGUM Black Series RGi60ENR (Integrated)

We celebrated REDGUM’s 21st Birthday in 2014 by launching a “New” Generation of Integrated amplifiers – the Black Signature Series!

But how new is “New”!? Add in “purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances”, while keeping it all in the family with the same circuit boards and Dual Mono remote control as Amplifolia range products. This electronically-cloned Black Series RGi60ENR was named in deference to its wood-panelled “clone mother”, the then 75Wpc original REDGUM Signature Series RGi60ENR (before being renamed for the Amplifolia Range as the Aquilina).

BUT now purpose-designed as the Black Series to drive ultra-low speaker impedances, the mother’s official rating gives only a hint of the full powers realised here by her offspring …

  • 120Wpc into 8Ω Transient 240W Short term RMS
  • 180Wpc into 4Ω Transient 480W Short term RMS
  • 244Wpc into 2Ω Transient 960W Short term RMS

The addition of REDGUM’s signature SignWave heat sink to the Black Series has taken the heat off so you can add the high octane of any speaker, now or any time in the future.

  • N.B. All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.
  • H 150 x 410 W x 370 D mm / H 6 x 16 W x 14.5 D in
  • 17.5 kg / 38.6 lb shipped ex Australia
  • Designed by REDGUM in Melbourne, Australia. Assembled in China.
  • 7 Year Warranty

18 kg


50 × 44 × 25 cm


65Wpc (8Ω), 80Wpc (4Ω), 95Wpc (2Ω)




2 Ω, 4 Ω, 8 Ω

Product Dimensions

H 150 x 410 W x 370 D mm / H 6 x 16 W x 14.5 D in


140W Short Term RMS (8Ω), 280W Short Term RMS (4Ω), 560W Short Term RMS (2Ω)


7 years


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