LEGEND Acoustics

LEGEND Acoustics are passionate about music, their aim is to make state-of-the-art speakers that enable you to hear your music and home-theatre through a “clear open window” as it was recorded and not through layers of distortion, however “benign”, so they will become “alive”. Some manufacturers deliberately ‘voice’ their loudspeakers to sound good with certain types of music – but then they usually don’t sound so good with other sorts of music. Alternatively, they voice them to sound ‘nice’ with every recording. This usually involves adding some sort of ‘benign’ distortion – but it then makes all music sound much the same.

LEGEND eliminates all forms of distortion as much as possible. Then what you hear is what is recorded whether it be classical, jazz or rock/pop – as well as the nuances that distinguish individual performances. Their mission is to produce world-class loudspeakers, both in build & sound quality, so that you can experience maximum & long-lasting emotional enjoyment from your music and home theatre.

LEGEND’s cabinets are built in Australia by craftsmen who have a long experience as well as using modern manufacturing techniques such as CAD and CNC engineering. Our drivers are carefully sourced from leading manufacturers before extensive modification by us. And our crossovers employ the finest electronic components from around the world, each component soldered directly together with the crossovers soldered to the drive units using high-quality cable. Finally, each loudspeaker is assembled in Australia at a single work-station and rigorously tested both by listening and by computer-controlled measurements.

But world-class loudspeakers require designing a whole that is more than the sum of the parts. Achieving the synergy needed for the magic inherent in every loudspeaker requires, firstly, a passion for what live music really sounds like and, secondly, a deep understanding of loudspeaker design that comes from extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the physics involved.

Thus they create in Australia the famous “fast, open, natural sound” of LEGEND loudspeakers. They enable you to hear your music & home theatre through a “clear open window” as it was recorded and not through a layer of nasty distortion – or with 3 tea-spoons of sweetener added to everything! Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” will sound raucous; and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” ephemeral. Your emotional enjoyment will depend only on the content and quality of your CDs, DVDs & other sources.