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Hi music lovers, I’m Robert Clifton-Smith, one-time sales, and marketing executive in information technology and now, after decades of dabbling in audio, a high-definition audio consultant.

I created Acoustic Adventures as a one-on-one consulting service to both beginner and experienced music lovers, to cut through all the products and hype of high definition equipment through individual auditioning – away from high-pressure salespeople.

Many people make the wrong investment in home audio. Maybe they get their advice from salespeople on commission.

Instead of all that come and listen to music in a home environment, away from a contrived and confronting decision environment – there’s no pressure to buy.

“It’s a consulting experience you will enjoy!”

Gain immediate results from a totally revamped and enhanced sound system that fits your needs and delivers an emotional and enlightening music experience.

Thomas Paine

Superior Quality

Would you like your loudspeakers to be created, tested, and assembled by a physicist, an Australian PhD graduate from Oxford University?

Find out move about LEGEND Loudspeakers story.

Would electronics from a designer known as a world authority in amplification be desirable? For example: On the design should we amplify the signal using valves or solid-state transistors? What would be ideal would be a solid-state valve – yes, a MOSFET (Metal-Oxide doped Silicon Field Effect Transistor), with the sound of the valve, but the reliability of solid-state! Make the right decision through individual attention at an audition and all set in a home environment, with world-class audio equipment from REDGUM Amplifiers.

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No-cost home consultation on room acoustics and set up plus no-cost installation. No time like the present. Life is too short to listen to poor music rendition.


Life is better with music; add music to your life and add a little life to your music!  Fully engage with it, “soar to heaven and back”; avoid inferior, low altitude flying!


Acoustic Adventures provides a 7-year warranty on all LEGEND Acoustics loudspeakers and a full money-back guarantee if not totally satisfied within 30 days.


A buying decision is an important one; simply let me know your intentions and the entire solution will be ordered and sent to your shipping address with, no charge for delivery.

  • Dr Chris Groppi

    "The LEGEND Tikandis with the DEQX HDP is a very special combination. I have never heard a better sound in my listening room. The tonal accuracy, frequency extension, and most impressively the ability to pull detail out of recordings was nothing short of astonishing."

    Dr Chris Groppi
    Home Theatre Hi-fi, Editor
  • David Wurtz

    "Now there was no doubt in my mind that the REDGUM RGi120 had excellent dynamics/ transients and WOW, that channel separation (didn’t I mention this earlier?) All in all, superb reproduction of the source."

    David Wurtz
    Australia, Editor
  •  Greg Borrowman

    "I was absolutely floored by the tonal neutrality of the sound of Legend’s Kamas Loudspeakers. They are, indeed, a true ‘monitor’ loudspeaker… and it is accompanied by a level of detail that is rare in a 2.5-way floor-standing design, a truly exceptional loudspeaker."

    Greg Borrowman
    Australian Hi-fi, Editor


Want to say hello and find out more about Acoustic Adventures?

Call Robert on 0421 128 244 or email and I’ll get back to you, pronto!