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Incredibly true to life

The Kamas are floor-standing loudspeakers reproducing the full range of frequencies, from deep bass to sparkling highs. Like all LEGEND loudspeakers, they have the fast, open sound making them equally ideal for reproducing the dynamics of ‘live’ music and the drama of home theatre.

Fed well-recorded music through high-quality front-end electronics, the Kamas will sound superb in any top-of-the-range stereo system. They also make excellent front speakers in a high-quality home-theatre surround-sound system when combined with other LEGEND speakers such as the Kangas, Joeys and Kurlette.}

The Kamas employ a bass-midrange unit that is made of very strong aluminium alloy and further strengthened by radial ribs so that they remain pistonic (do not break-up) in their passband.  This means firstly that they have very low distortion & do not muddle the sound so you hear your music more clearly as it was recorded, and secondly, they have a very flat frequency response so maintain the tonal accuracy of your music.

The tweeter also has a ceramic-coated aluminium-alloy dome that combines the exceptional detail of a metal dome with the smoothness and non-fatiguing characteristic of ceramic with the superb high-frequency extension of high-strength of aluminium-alloy. It has a copper cap to reduce voice-coil inductance and so minimize phase shift. And it has a saturation controlled motor for extraordinarily low distortion. The result is crystal clarity throughout its treble without hardness or confusion.

The crossovers of the Kamas have also been very carefully designed to give a seamless transition between the drivers. And we use only the lowest distorting components in them – air-cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and wire-wound resistors – directly soldered to give the best signal path.

Like all LEGEND speakers, the Kama cabinets are CNC machined and individually assembled with their drivers and crossovers in Australia with a high level of craftsmanship. To reduce resonances that smear the sound in time and reduce detail, the panels of the cabinets are very well braced and damped; while their internal structure is carefully designed to reduce standing waves in their air columns.  And the stretch sock grille has practically no effect on sound quality, unlike conventional plug-on grilles.

The overall result of all this careful design and implementation of the Kamas is to produce a sense of ‘being there’ at a live performance.

Reviewing LEGEND’s Kamas in ‘Australian Hi-fi’, editor Greg Borrowman said: “I was absolutely floored by the tonal neutrality of the sound … They are, indeed, a true ‘monitor loudspeaker … and it is accompanied by a level of detail that is rare in a 2.5-way floor-standing design … a truly exceptional loudspeaker.”

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Frequency Response & Distortion

Finishes – real wood veneer



2.5-way system


2 x bass-mid + treble

Frequency response

40 – 20,000Hz ± 3 dB; 70 – 12,000Hz ± 1.5 dB


88 dB/2.83V @ 1m


4 ohms, nominal

Size (mm)

900(h) x 180(w) x 300(d)


20 kg each


Black, Jarrah, Light Oak


7 years

1 review for Kama (pair)

  1. Carlton Audio Visual

    Don’t be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kamas. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class… Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world.

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