REDGUM RGMP8 Media Player

  • An Audiophile’s constant Quest #1a:  to gain quality music with all the drama intact.
  • An Audiophile’s constant Quest #1b:  setting up a quality system without all the drama!

Enter REDGUM’s Media Player, the RGMP8. Automatically creating its own WiFi environment, you can literally stop to party in any field and the music will be outstanding!

The core idea behind this system design is that as a Media Player, it requires no infrastructure i.e. no Internet connection. It can quickly and easily be set up and operated by someone who is familiar with a smartphone.

What makes the RGMP8 stand-alone is thanks to the WiFi hotspot it sets up at switch on. (In other words, to function, it does not require the Internet or a network connection, but can make use of it if available.) Then simply logging in via your smartphone/tablet/laptop/any web browser allows you to control your music files. So no matter where you are situated in that moment, the RGMP8’s WiFi gives you the control to access your choice of music on your choice of device.

For your Ears’ sake, this Media Player is not involved in the transmission of audio files (as per Bluetooth). Rather, it deals solely with those files stored within its two internal Hard Drives with a combined capacity of more than 4TB. This provides music storage for more than 6000 complete CDs, which is upwards of more than 60,000 tracks. If not sufficient to cover your every mood, further hard-drive storage can be fitted externally.

And for the latter, there are 6 USB connectors. Which still leaves plenty of charge points for your phone or tablet batteries at the same time, or later once not in use.

At its core, the heart of this Media Player starts by focusing on the music files you have and love. As these loves can change over time with new ways to deliver music, features can be added on an opt-in basis according to availability and user enthusiasm for open-source software. Streaming services such as Tidal are supported via related software implementation.

And if all this talk about music files leaves you horrified because you are thinking … “I’ve spent my Audio life collecting my favourite discs; I can’t waste another lifetime converting them into files!” … you can relax as REDGUM offers you ripping as it should be! As a side-serve to the RGMP8 … an external CD drive is provided for “walk by” ripping!

Adding a new angle to the idea of future-proofing, the fact that this Media Player runs on 12V means it is an ideal product for low energy homes, with or without wheels! Indeed, travelling in a caravan around a continent need not be a restriction to one’s Audiophile needs. Whether planning a getting-away-from-it-all party on a far-flung beach, or in the depths of the country, having the RGMP8 in charge means your sound can be outstanding … in any field!

RGMP8 only

  • 42 x W 125 x D 135 [170 with antennae] mm – 1.25kg
  • H 1.7 x W 4.9 x D 5.3 [6.7 with antennae] in – 2.75lb
  • 2 Year Warranty – available in Black only

RGMP8 when stacked on the supplied external CD drive

  • H 68 x W 139 x D 142 [170 with antennae] mm – 1.75kg
  • H 2 x W 4.9 x D 5.6 [6.7 with antennae] in – 3.85lb
  • 2 Year Warranty – CD drive available in Black or Silver

Serving Suggestion

Known together as the Aggregata Stack, the RGMP8 stacks up best with its performance soul mate, REDGUM’s hi-res USB DAC, the RGDAC8. (Also available in Black.) And as to how much “soul” they reveal together …  see review by Soundstage! Australia.

RGMP8 Specifications

  • Intel J1900 2.0 GHz Quad-core, thin client desktop computer, fanless with Ethernet
  • X86 processor mini PC
  • 4TB music storage drive
  • 32 GB SSD solid-state drive
  • 6 USB ports

External connections include

  • Comport
  • HDMI
  • 2 x LAN connections
  • Audio Out
  • separate SMPS

1.25kg / 2.75lb


21 × 16 × 11 cm

Product Dimensions

H 42 x W 125 x D 135 (170 with antennae) mm / H 1.7 x W 4.9 x D 5.3 (6.7 with antennae) in


7 years


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