REDGUM Black Series RGi35ENR (Integrated)

We celebrated REDGUM’s 21st Birthday in 2014 by launching a “New” Generation of Integrated amplifiers – the Black Signature Series!

But how new is “New”!? Add in “purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances”, while keeping it all in the family with the same circuit boards and Dual Mono remote control as Amplifolia range products. This electronically-cloned Black Series RGi35ENR was named in deference to its wood-panelled clone “mother”, the then 50Wpc original REDGUM Signature Series RGi35ENR (now renamed for the Amplifolia Range as the Stellulata).

BUT now purpose-designed as the Black Series to drive ultra-low speaker impedances, the mother’s official rating gives only a hint of the full powers realised here by her offspring …

  • 65Wpc into 8Ω Transient 140W Short term RMS
  • 80Wpc into 4Ω Transient 280W Short term RMS
  • 95Wpc into 2Ω Transient 560W Short term RMS

Being a turbocharged version of the long tried-and-trusted original REDGUM RGi35ENR, the Black Series RGi35ENR remains totally a REDGUM design. As for any chip off the old block, naturally, it has the same REDGUM sound!

  • N.B. All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.
  • H 150 x 410 W x 370 D mm / H 6 x 16 W x 14.5 D in
  • 16.5 kg / 36.4 lb shipped ex Australia
  • Designed by REDGUM in Melbourne, Australia. Assembled in China.
  • 7 Year Warranty

18 kg


50 × 44 × 25 cm


65Wpc (8Ω), 80Wpc (4Ω), 95Wpc (2Ω)




2 Ω, 4 Ω, 8 Ω

Product Dimensions

H 150 x 410 W x 370 D mm / H 6 x 16 W x 14.5 D in


140W Short Term RMS (8Ω), 280W Short Term RMS (4Ω), 560W Short Term RMS (2Ω)


7 years


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