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REDGUM ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC RCA Interconnect

The Construction of RGAP RCA Interconnects

The Centre (signal) conductor comprises a bundle of 80 cores of 0.09mm Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductor, lightly twisted, and encased in a special foamed polyethylene insulating jacket.

Both channels are then individually screened to a low-noise specification with a 12-section x 9-strand SPC braided OFC sheath, designed to achieve excellent RF rejection, very low capacitance and a low noise floor.

The final outer covering is a matte blue jacket with silver printing. The cable is terminated with gold-plated RCA connectors, which feature an easy-grip, ergonomically designed barrel, a Teflon insulator, and matching matte blue jacket.

The Result

The REDGUM RGAP ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC RCA interconnect accurately extracts the maximum available information from a recording without ever erring towards artifice or over-emphasis. The Low Capacitance results in less high-frequency attenuation and distortion.

What you get is a cable capable of clarity and signal integrity even over very long distances. Reproduction spans a broad and unencumbered frequency range with smooth, effortless and seamless integration from very low to very high frequencies, without introducing any unnatural peaks or troughs.

The Technicals

These are real-world measurements of the totally-finished cable (i.e. including the gold RCA plug terminations)

Model Length Resistance Inductance Capacitance
RGAP 05 0.5m 0.04ohm 0.09uH @200kHz 55.7pF @200kHz
RGAP 1 1.0m 0.08 ohm 0.18uH @200kHz 82.3pF @200kHz
RGAP 15 1.5m 0.12 ohm 0.27uH @200kHz 108.9pF @200kHz
RGAP 2 2.0m 0.16 ohm 0.36uH @200kHz 135.5pF @200kHz

The short Technical version: Is it a good interconnect? – Yes, it is!

Dimensions N/A

0.14 kg


0.5 m, 1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m

Product Dimensions

H 42 x W 125 x D 135 (170 with antennae) mm / H 1.7 x W 4.9 x D 5.3 (6.7 with antennae) in


Teflon-insulated gold-plated RCAs


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