REDGUM Articulata (Integrated)

Odd how when it’s that good, it’s human nature to always ask for more! The ARTICULATA Integrated is a fine example of this.

What emerged in 1994 as the RGi120 (120W/ch), the very first member of the REDGUM family, also became the first REDGUM amplifier to be turbo-charged in 2001, as the RGi120ENR. This upgrade remained visibly modest until 2006 when a heat sink on steroids was the first sign that becoming a Signature Series amplifier really was a serious career move.

Shifting gear up to 155W/ch meant that the oldest child in the family had become without doubt the spokesperson for all REDGUM Integrated amplifiers. And as human nature would have it, the actual ‘slam’ available from the RGi120ENR was higher than ‘the original’ RGM175 Monoblocks, circa 1998! (Bless the addition to the catalogue of more powerful Audiophile MOSFETs!)

The RGi120ENR’s ability to speak out for itself was more than refreshing. It represented the needs and the wants of the music honestly so that each listening moment was always “just like the first time”. Credit to those ‘go-fast’ modifications that basically were a “double, or nothing” process alongside a more powerful transformer.

Then, what had started one year as a sweetener to soften the blow of a price rise in 2004, continued on over the years being boosted by each successive batch of ever-bigger transformers until the power rating for the Signature Series RGi120ENR had reached 200W/ch! Rather than a redesign, time to regroup as the ARTICULATA. In short, once the REDGUM Black Series amplifiers were on the scene, all the traditional, wood-fronted Signature Series amplifiers remained just as they were but were renamed as the Australian-made Amplifolia range.

Oh, and if you seek brilliant performances well articulated, its name says it all!

Including these ‘go-fast’ modifications :

  • Bigger 300VA Transformer
  • Bigger power supply Capacitors
  • Dual power wiring
  • Dual earthing
  • Dual internal speaker wiring
  • Large gold speaker binding posts
  • and much more…….

Get this one and you will never need a bigger integrated amplifier.

For when it’s time to leave the fanfares … to the music!

  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • REDGUM’s unique Dual Mono remote control is fitted as standard unless you prefer a manual version.
  • All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.

19.5 kg


50 × 44 × 25 cm


200W (8Ω)


320W Short Term RMS (8Ω)


8 Ω

Product Dimensions

H 145 x W 420 x D 360 mm / H 5.7 x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in




7 years


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