REDGUM RGiHF Headphone Amplifier

For that “up close and personal” experience – the REDGUM RGHF Headphone Amplifier is based on our RGi35 circuit design with substantial adaptation to the power supply.

This amplifier has also been modified to limit background noise to unprecedented “inky black” levels. Of all applications, a Headphone amplifier makes optimal use of Dual Volume controls as offered here – the volume level to each ear is chosen and provided in absolute isolation via each channel.

Sound, “made to measure”, just as your RGHF will be “built to measure” to suit your headphone’s sensitivity … “up close and personal” from the start of its life!

  • With 2 x gold-plated headphone sockets on the rear, two can share the experience!
  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • (H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in – 8 kg / 17.6lb – 7 yr Warranty)

9 kg


50 × 44 × 20 cm


150Wpc (8Ω)



Product Dimensions

H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in


7 years


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