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REDGUM Splendens/Stereo Passive Preamp

REDGUM believes choosing to use a passive preamp is an important part of giving this faithfulness to the original. And we continually get that feedback from customers, particularly musicians and those with practical musical experience.

Without a doubt, what can be seen on the test gear totally backs up these subjective experiences? The signal on a CRO confirms that having active components cannot ever create less noise than by having no active components at all (as in a passive pre).

The contrast to an active preamp design is clear. An active one uses transistors or ICs on the active input and output stages to increase the signal level/noise. Passive volume control is then placed between these stages. Oddly enough, having created this increase each time, there is every chance of most of it being purposely “lost” through the choice of components within both input and output stages. This is because such levels cannot be passed on to the power amp connected to it!! It is rather like putting a brake on a motor because there is too much power for the gearbox! “Brilliant!”?

In your quest, you will be making comparisons by listening to pre-amps that are active and passive. Noted here just in case you had not considered it in these terms, be aware that slightly over-driving the input to a power amp can add slight distortion, which then comes across as crispness. This can be sold as “an improvement”. Hmm.

Finally, comparing a remote-controlled REDGUM preamp to one with manual Dual Mono volume controls Control (i.e. non-remote) … as the original, manually-adjusted preamp design is fully analogue, to offer a Remote Control facility means ALL of the remote’s digital electronics are added new to the product! In other words, there is no structure and no microprocessors in the manual version on which to piggy-back.

  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • REDGUM’s unique Dual Mono remote control is fitted as standard unless you prefer a manual version.
  • N.B. All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.

7 kg


50 × 44 × 20 cm

Product Dimensions

H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in


7 years


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