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REDGUM ‘Expressive-Line’ Speaker Cable

10 square mm of Australian copper per conductor is aka 7AWG! This cable must be one of the lowest resistance cables anywhere!

It will allow your REDGUM amplifier to really show its stamina by ‘transmitting’ the 800 Damping Factor (of the 60W/ch Stellulata) directly to your speaker terminals.

One length of this cable will give better results than bi-wiring with a lot of high-profile brands!!!

Attractive red and black jacket with REDGUM marking at each half meter, confirming “better than 1.8milliohm/meter“.

Cut to order, you can mix-and-match your lengths as long as the total adds up to a half or full metre. (Due to its thickness, for a safe ‘drop’ to the floor we recommend a minimum length of 2.5m per side, but feel free to discuss this further.)

Loudspeaker Termination Service is required for this product. (Banana plugs shown for display only)

Dimensions N/A

1.5 kg


34 × 26 × 5 cm

WIRE GAUGE - single core


Electrical Resistance




Current Rating

69 amp


2.5m pair, 3m pair


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