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REDGUM 7AWG Speaker Cable Termination Service

Our heavy red-black REDGUM 7AWG ‘Expressive-Line’ speaker cable, available by the metre, can be a bit of a ‘hand full’ to strip and ‘tin’. So we offer a service of stripping and tinning followed by machine tightening each RGABP Gold Banana plugs onto the cable.

This Termination service is used in conjunction with the purchase of our REDGUM 7AWG ‘Expressive-Line’ speaker cable and covers the fitting of ONE complete lead. (Price is also inclusive of one set of 4 RGABP plugs, i.e. 2 at each end of the cable.)

(Note – the latest model of Right-angled Banana plugs will be supplied.)


0.2 kg


24 × 17 × 2 cm


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