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REDGUM RGH900-2 5.1 Power Amplifier

250W (8Ω) x 6 Channel Home Theatre / Signature Series Power Amplifier

An extended power version of the original international Award-winning RGH900 Amplifier, this Home Theatre Amplifier is designed for the audiophile with sonics that ‘flatten’ the competition, and the neighbourhood.

6 channels of 250WRMS unleash the “Oh my God!” factor with total control, with all channels delivering those power ratings simultaneously. And all full frequency. In Stereo mode, fully isolated from the power of REDGUM’s proprietary processor, that then becomes close to 300WRMS per channel.

REDGUM’s Home Theatre amplification can be thought of as having all the sonic attributes of our Stereo systems but in triplicate! That means both RGH900 models bring multiples of what can be read about in reviews of REDGUM Stereo amplifiers.

Which can be described in 2 words – spectacularly clean!!

And that is principal because of two design elements – being a high Damping Factor amplifier with an unconventional “UltraFlex” power supply design.

The aim of this non-mainstream design is to provide Transient Power, as and when required, rather than good-looking WRMS specs. This means a REDGUM’s WRMS measurements are taken when the transformer is functioning at only 10% of its Duty Cycle (compared with mainstream designs measured when giving their 100% “all”).

Transient Power makes the greatest sense as an indicator of what an amplifier can do because with Home Theatre these pulses of power are to create both music and sound effects.

Consider the impact of explosions played on a traditionally-designed HT amplifier. As a demo, they will always immediately impress a viewer just by the sheer suddenness of the volume increase…. well, the first time, at least. However, the bass response should be more than just a big “boom”. The tightness of the bass response (its Damping Factor), as shown by the suddenness of the sound’s impact, should be felt as well as heard.

But are we the best of judges of this? When was the last time any of us heard an actual explosion or gunshot such that we know when a Home Theatre’s reproduction is realistic?! We can have a sense of knowing what we hear is right or good, but it is based on… well, perhaps not much at all !! But fortunately, our untrained bodies respond to that feeling when it happens. That is where the responsiveness of REDGUM’s UltraFlex power supply leaves you in no doubt that you should have just been killed/knocked down/left unconscious… had you been there.

At the other, (often forgotten) end of the demonstration spectrum, a spectacularly clean sound is just as vital to impresses the viewer during quiet, atmospheric passages of a movie in order to sustain the excitement or tension, and with repeated viewings!!!

In the hush, you will be heard to murmur… “Be still my beating heart!”

So, as a starting point to begin calculating the Transients to be attained …

  • 250WRMS (8Ω) x 6
  • 310WRMS (4Ω) x 6
  • 550WRMS (2Ω) x 6

And if you want more power than that…? Well, we could always suggest six of the Magnificata Monoblocks as your Power channels.

  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • (H 145 x W 420 x D 360mm / H 5.7 x W 16.5 x D 14.2in – 23 kg /50 lb  – 7 yr Warranty)

22 kg


50 × 44 × 25 cm


250Wpc (8Ω), 310Wpc (4Ω), 550Wpc (2Ω)


2 Ω, 4 Ω, 8 Ω

Product Dimensions

H 145 x W 420 x D 360 mm / H 5.7 x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in


7 years


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