So you want to play your vinyl again, but with a more serious approach to it all? The original little Phono Preamp that was tested in Bound For Sound magazine and rated as an equal top unit (with another brand costing several times the price!) was just the starting point for this RGPH2ENR design.

So does it live up to the title of a Signature Series model? According to the Soundstage! Australia review, ” This baby stays solidly embedded within the context of my reference system.”

Put another way … if you ever doubted that you could cope again with that pre-eminent downside of records (having been spoilt by CDs) …. as one customer puts it … “it has the ability to present record noise, clicks and pops and the like in a divided away space in the soundstage. Clicks and pops sound very clean and there is absolutely no trace of extra ringing or harmonic irregularities in the source material due to them. This is a wonderful result! The subjective outcome is the listener’s ability to get on with the music without having the inevitable surface noise getting in the way.”

This unit is fitted with the Ultra-Low-Noise Analog Device chip – the AD797. This chip has amazing noise figures when used with low impedance sources, i.e. Moving Coil cartridges!

Though MM/MC switchable, this Signature Series design physically separates the Preamp and the Power Supply into 2 cases thus reinforcing the low-noise design best for MC cartridges.

  • Made in Australia – truly!
  • (2 cases each H 56 x W 95 x D 122mm – 1 kg total – 7 yr Warranty)
  • (2 cases each H 2.2 x W 3.7 x D 4.8 in – 2.2 lb total – 7 yr Warranty)

1.8 kg


31 × 18 × 12 cm

Product Dimensions

2 cases, each H 70 x W 110 x D 125mm / H 2.75 x W 4.33 x D 4.9 in


7 years


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