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For the bass and critical mid-range frequencies of Joeys, we employ very high-quality 150 mm units with cones made of very strong aluminium alloy. These cones are further strengthened by radial ribs so that they remain pistonic in their passband and we add constrained-layer damping to reduce the effects of break-up outside their pass band.  Together with excellent motor and suspension systems, the ensuing low distortion allows the listener to hear the tonal structure of notes, resulting in greater realism of the reproduced music – and not just some homogenised undifferentiated version.

The tweeter has an aluminium-alloy dome that combines the exceptional detail of a metal dome with superb high-frequency extension.  It has a copper cap to reduce voice-coil inductance and so minimize phase shift. And it has a saturation-controlled motor for extraordinarily low distortion. The result is crystal clarity throughout its treble without hardness or confusion.

The measurements of the Joey 14s are given in the graphs to the right.  The top graph shows the frequency response (FR) is very flat with virtually no variation over the critical mid-band from 100 Hz to 2 kHz so maintaining the tonal accuracy of your music.  The total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 0.1% (better than some amplifiers!) from 250-8000 Hz, rising to less than 1% at 70Hz where the bass excursion is a maximum (and the distortion is mainly innocuous 2nd order) so you hear your music more clearly just as it was recorded.

The second graph is the Cumulative Spectral Decay (waterfall) plot also showing that the treble decays very cleanly and quickly – down by -20 dB in less than 5/10000 sec (0.5 ms).  This again accords with the very clear and detailed treble sound from the Joey 14s.

The last plot is the Group Delay vs frequency.  Again it shows excellent timing linearity (no phase shift) through the mid-band and treble, particularly though the crossover region around 2 kHz, leading to excellent PRAT – pace, rhythm and timing,  It also produces large and precise acoustic imaging, particularly depth, with the Joey 14s.

The crossover circuits have also been improved to give a seamless transition between these drivers operating over their best ranges.  They use air-cored inductors, improved ‘Supreme’ polypropylene capacitors and low-inductance wire-wound resistors all point-to-point soldered together and through the high-quality wire to the drivers minimising distortion.

The Joey cabinets that are CAD designed and CNC machined in Australia have very rigidly constructed 19 mm panels and 25 mm baffles combined with internal bracing to minimise panel vibrations and resonances. The internal walls are non-parallel to reduce internal reflections and so standing waves – resonances in the internal air column that smear the sound in time.  And Legend’s unique elasticated grille that just wraps around the baffle eliminates diffraction from the grille which would affect the tonal balance and imaging.

Thus with all these distortion-reducing techniques, the Joeys are very faithful to the signal fed to them both in the time and frequency domains. With well-recorded music through high-quality front-end electronics, the Joeys will sound just ‘like being there. In other words, a mini-monitor with true “high fidelity/faithfulness”.

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Frequency Response & Distortion

Finishes – real wood veneer



2-way bookshelf or stand mount


bass-mid + treble

Frequency response

50- 20,000Hz ± 3 dB


86 dB/2.83V @ 1m


6 ohms average




6 kg each


Black, Jarrah, Light Oak


7 years

1 review for Joey 14 (pair)

  1. Ben (Customer)

    Bravo! Ten out of ten all around!! Thank you for creating such a brilliant speaker at such a reasonable price. I know of no other speaker out there that comes close to matching the Joeys in either quality, performance or craftsmanship.

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